Dunlop laps up glowing test results and car tyre reviews for its new Sport BluResponse

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Car tyre reviews and tests are vitally important for manufacturers and Dunlop is delighted to have chalked up a heap of praise for its new Sport BluResponse tyre which was launched earlier this year.

In full summer car tyres reviews conducted by Germany’s GTÜ organisation for ACE Magazine, Auto Bild and AutoZeitung, the tyre was awarded leading positions and described as offering ‘exemplary’ performance in all weather conditions and a ‘tyre of the highest performance levels’.

Added to this, the UK’s leading weekly car magazine, Auto Express, has singled it out for a recommendation in one of its product and car tyre reviews. Jamie Fretwell from Auto Express tested the tyres and commented: “The BluResponse is a worthy addition to the brand’s range…..”

Dunlop is Andy Marfleet, Dunlop brand manager, commented that the results “suggest that we have a real winner on our hands”.

It has achieved a predominantly BA rating in the EU label, dominated European car tyre reviews and tests and the respected TÜV organisation found that it was 10 per cent better in wet braking than the average competitor.

Marfleet added: “We now have excessive amounts of independent data and opinion to suggest that we have a real winner on our hands.”

Reading car tyre reviews is a great way to help you decide which tyres are right for your vehicle and driving style.

Magazines and motoring organisations carry out regular tests and feature informative car tyre reviews. Motoring websites and chat rooms also feature car tyre reviews.

We have encouraged our customers to share their views on winter tyres, but welcome all car tyre reviews.

We have a selection of descriptions and Dunlop car tyre reviews at

For other car tyre reviews visit our car tyre manufacturer page.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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