Drivers Too Easily Distracted Says Tyres Manufacturer

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By Alex Kapadia

Motorists make an average of three trips in their car each day and are distracted at least three times on each journey and for at least four seconds each time, according to a survey by Continental tyres.

The tyres manufactures research scenario is even more alarming considering that at just 40 mph a car will travel over 18 metres every second.

Continental tyres commissioned the survey of 4,000 UK road users and found that motorists were only fully concentrated on the road for 67 per cent of the time spent in the driver’s seat.

Some 27 per cent of respondents believe their short attention span is to blame for their poor driving – with nearly half (48 per cent) being disinterested in the road ahead and not being able to concentrate for more than 37 minutes.

It also emerged that 45 per cent have crashed or had a close call due to being distracted whilst behind the wheel.

Guy Frobisher, director of safety at Continental tyres, said: “Our fast-paced lives can mean little time to fit everything in, but driving is no time for multi-tasking. Our advice is to avoid distractions like eating or drinking or making a phone call, even if hands-free. You could prevent an accident.

“Even with their eyes on the road, drivers should be aware of the affect that tyre tread depth has on stopping distances.

“Tests show that in wet weather a car travelling at 70mph with 3mm of tread would stop when a car at the legal minimum of 1.6mm would still be travelling at 50mph and not come to a stop for a further 44 metres.

“It’s then that you hope that other drivers are not only paying attention but also ensuring their tyres are in good condition as well.”

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