Double Check Tyres to Avoid Being Taken for a Ride!

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The £35 billion second-hand car market is coming under investigation by trading watchdogs after they received 68,000 complaints!

Unfortunately, when it comes to buying a new car or even replacement tyres, many motorists don’t know when they’re being taken for a ride.

Our tyres fitters have noticed a rise in the number of jobs they are called to, because the customer was told they needed new tyres by their garage, only to discover the old tyres are still in decent condition.

Fortunately, because the customer chose to shop around and get a better deal – which led them to us – they haven’t been caught out and they can save their money.

But many people don’t bother with a second opinion when they are buying a used car and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) was deluged with complaints relating to defective vehicles, services and potentially misleading selling.

It said the study will focus on sales by dealers, rather than private sales between individuals, in a bid to understand the causes of such high levels of consumer complaints and to assess whether current consumer protection legislation is sufficient.

As for tyres, always get a second opinion.  Etyres operates a mobile fitting service which means our overheads are low and savings are passed on to the customer in the form of cheaper prices.

Katherine Clarkson

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