Don’t mix winter tyres with ordinary ones, warn police

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By Denna Bowman

Mixing winter tyres on vehicles with ordinary ones could be lethal, according to Cumbria police.

The police issued the tyres warning after more than 100 crashes were reported in freezing conditions last week.

PC Shaun McKeown, a tyre safety expert with the Cumbrian force, said that winter tyres can dramatically improve a car’s ability to grip the road in icy conditions.

However, he warned that drivers were better to keep all four tyres as standard, rather than fit two winter ones, as many drivers chose to.

PC McKeown said: “We’re strongly advising people that it’s safest to fit winter tyres. I tested some with Goodyear last year and in wintry conditions the difference in stopping distance was about eight car lengths.

“Even so, it is safer to use all standard tyres rather than mixing the types.

“That could lead to a loss of control. If you are going to fit winter tyres, you have to fit all four at once.”

Cumbria police force claimed that specialist winter tyres could have prevented many of the 100-plus crashes reported across the county during last Thursday’s freezing rain.

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