Don’t Forget to Check Your Tyres Warns US Auto Care Company

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Tyres are one of the most important components of a vehicle – however, they are also one of the most overlooked.

In the US, according to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than one in four cars and light trucks are being driven with at least one of their tyres being significantly under-inflated.

With National Tyre Safety Week just around the corner in the US (June 7 – 13) Firestone Complete Auto Care recommends motorists follow the following maintenance guide to keep tyres in tip-top condition:

First, check tyre pressure – they can lose one pound of air pressure per square inch (psi) every month and one psi for every 10˚F temperature drop, so it’s important to check them monthly, including spares, with an accurate tyre gauge.

To find out if tyres are properly inflated, locate the recommended tyre inflation pressure listed on the sticker on your vehicle’s driver’s side door jamb, fuel filler lid, or in your glove box, trunk or owner’s manual.

If possible, check tyre pressure when the vehicle has been driven less than one mile or has been sitting for at least three hours.

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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