Designers create tyres that turn orange when they need replacing

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By Denna Bowman

Two award-winning designers have developed a new invention which could revolutionise the tyres industry.

Called the “Discolour Tyre’, it is based on a simple concept that the tyres turn a different colour when they have reached the minimum tread depth of around 1.6mm.

Hidden beneath the traditional black rubber used to make tyres, would be a bright orange layer, which would indicate the tyres were bald.

Red Dot Award winners Gao Fenglin and Zhou Buyi, who won their accolade for their ingenious and hygienic ‘Bevel Cup’, claim the colour difference could also help motorists spot tiny cracks, tears or punctures.

And, according to the designers, motorists will get at least 12,000 miles out of their tyres before the “sub-dermal colour” shows.

The introduction on the market of the Discolour Tyre would mean that motorists would not have to worry about checking their tyres to make sure they are safe and legal.

Also, spotting any damage early means they could have the puncture repaired, saving them the expense of buying a replacement.

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