Defective Tyres Branded ‘Most Dangerous Aspect of Motoring Today’ says Telegraph Reader

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Defective tyres have been highlighted as ‘the most dangerous aspect of motoring today’, according to a Daily Telegraph reader.

In response to an article about speed cameras, which was published in the newspaper earlier this week, Mr Ed Lennox of Ludlow, Shropshire, wrote:

“SIR – In my view, the most dangerous aspect of motoring today is defective tyres.

“I recently stopped a young man driving with a totally flat tyre. He was horrified, offering the explanation: “But it’s brand new.” I told him that nails don’t respect new cars any more than old ones.”

His heartfelt letter to the editor was in response to an article about speed cameras. The view was aired that they should be no substitute for proper policing of the roads.

Proper maintenance of tyres is often overlooked, yet tyres are your cars only point of contact with the road and should be regularly checked to make sure there are no visible signs of damage or wear-and-tear.

Motorists should also check their tyre pressure at least once a fortnight to make sure their vehicle is running safely and efficiently.

Properly inflated tyres will also last longer!

Oliver Hall, Head Office

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