Deadly spiders found in tyres container

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By Denna Bowman

Dozens of deadly redback spiders have been found in a container full of old truck tyres at the Goodyear factory in Wolverhampton.

The poisonous Australian arachnids were discovered among the tyres which had been imported to the Stafford Road site to be reconditioned.

They came to light when shocked workers opened the metal shipping container and spotted between 15 and 20 of the spiders.

A plastic containment bubble was erected around the tyres by pest contractors and the zone was heated up to kill the spiders humanely.

James Bailey, a spokesman for Goodyear, said: “We had a delivery from Australia earlier this week and when it was unloaded staff found some unusual insects.

“We called in experts from Dudley Zoo and they identified them as Australian redbacks which are potentially venomous to humans.”

Wolverhampton Council’s environmental health team were alerted immediately and pest control workers were called in to deal with the problem.

Mr Bailey added: “The experts said the spiders like dark places so the tyres would have been ideal. They’re unlikely to survive more than 24 hours in our climate.”

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