Continental Expresses Concerns Over New EU Tyres Law

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By Oliver Hall

EU lawmakers are continuing to discuss new regulations for safer, greener and quieter tyres, however a leading manufacturer has expressed its concerns over the proposed requirements.

Continental tyres claim that experts are still sceptical about the problems involved, according to Tyres and Accessories magazine.

It states that the tyres manufacturer also voiced its own concerns, highlighting some potential issues that could make it difficult for consumers to understand the label.

The magazine reported: “The manufacturer notes it already has tyres in its portfolio that easily meet the proposed high threshold values.

“However Conti says it still recognises a distinct need to clarify what will be implemented in terms of threshold values and certification, and points to a particular need to ensure the label signage contains clear graphics.

“All suggested designs to date, the company adds, have been hard for the consumer to understand, especially those indicating braking distance on wet roads.

“Continental comments that this particular graphic is “hardly recognisable as such”. A further Conti concern is that so far no agreement has been reached on a precise and meaningful measuring process for braking characteristics.”

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