Coloured asphalt could help drivers avoid tyres-wrecking potholesyres

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The Italians are well known sending fabulous designer clothes down the runway, but now a couple design students are hoping to make an impact on the European highways.

The budding entrepreneurs have come up with an innovative way of making our dreaded road craters more visible to the motorist and saving our tyres from destruction, according to

The ‘Street Safe Initiative’ has been created by Milan Polytechnic students, Domenico Diego and Cristina Corradini.

It comprises a brightly-coloured layer of asphalt a few inches beneath the surface of the road, which becomes visible when the road surface breaks up, making potholes easier to see and avoid.

The unique design will be trialled later this year in Rho, a small town close to Milan, to determine if the project is viable and cost effective, after which Diego plans to market the product across Europe.

Diego likened the design to human skin. He said: “When we are wounded, we start to bleed. So our idea is to put a layer of yellow asphalt beneath the tarmac, which appears and creates a high chromatic contrast that is visible from a distance.”

However, Mike Conway, the managing director of leading highway construction firm FM Conway, dismissed the idea.

He said: “It’s novel, but it’s rubbish. It’s not the right solution for the UK right now. To make layers of tarmac stick together we use a bituminous coating that acts as a glue and you’d have to go right back to the manufacturing stage and work out how to make it bright yellow.

“We should be looking at how to reduce costs by doing the job right in the first place, rather than creating expensive solutions that only have an effect once the pothole is already there.”

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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