Checking Tyres Pressure Saves You Money – Fact!

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Whether you live in Teversham, Cambridgeshire or Terre Haute, Indiana it pays to check you’ve got the right amount of air in your tyres.

During a global credit crunch everyone is looking for ways to save a few extra pounds so News 10 TV in Indiana went the extra mile to prove that properly inflated tyres can save motorists cash at the pumps.

They planned a round trip from Terre Haute to Vincennes to see what effect making sure the tyres were properly inflated had any effect on miles to the gallon. Here’s what they had to say:

“To find out how much your tyre pressure can effect your gas mileage, we lowered our pressure to 24 to 25 pounds.

“After traveling 63.2 miles to Vincennes, News 10 calculated their gas mileage to roughly 20 miles to the gallon with the low pressure tyres.

“Before heading back to Terre Haute the tyre pressure was raised to the normal 35 pounds.

“After returning to Terre Haute, News 10 calculated the gas mileage to roughly 30 miles to the gallon. That’s a difference of nearly 10 miles to the gallon just by having the proper air pressure in the tyres.”

So there you have it – proof that making sure your tyres are properly inflated can really save you money!

And what’s more it’s free – because many garages don’t charge for air!

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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