Check Your Tyres to Save Money on Fuel

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Everyone is looking for ways to save money on household bills, and fuel is no exception.

The obvious answer is to drive less, but there are other tips to follow, like checking your tyres, which will help you spend less at the pumps.

Making sure your tyres are inflated properly is the best place to start. It reduces the rolling resistance of you tyres and that means you use less fuel.

Checking your engine is functioning smoothly. Vehicles with an engine that is straining to work will eat into the petrol reserves much more quickly than a well-tuned car.

Rolling down the windows when driving in residential areas can also help save petrol. Instead of running the air conditioning even for short trips that do not call for getting on a main thoroughfare, enjoy the breeze. Save the air conditioning for times when you are on busy roads and moving along at a higher speed.

Better yet, cut down on those frequent short trips by setting aside one day a week to run all those small errands.

Make a list, then plan a route that allows you to efficiently handle each one in order. Ideally, plan the route so you make a loop, allowing you to handle errands all along the way. You’ll be surprised how much this simple process saves in petrol costs each week.

Katherine Clarkson, National Accounts

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