Check Tyres to Keep Kids Safe

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By Katherine Clarkson

School summer holidays are here and as kids thoughts turn to day trips, parents should turn their attention to checking the car tyres.

Vehicles running with bald or incorrect tyres pressure put the driver and the passengers at risk.

Tony Bowman, managing director of etyres, the UK’s leading online tyres fitting company, said:  ‘People simply don’t recognise the danger they are in if they drive on under-inflated tyres.

‘If you care for your kids, remember this – tyres lose pressure naturally over time, like a balloon, affecting both the handling and stopping distance of the car.’

He added: ‘In wet weather, stopping distances are twice that for dry – even more for badly maintained roads – yet few drivers allow for the changed circumstances.’

Etyres, which offers a mobile fitting service with prices up to 40% cheaper than leading tyres depots, recommends checking tyre pressures every two weeks. Tyre pressures vary for each car, so owners must check the vehicle handbook for the right information.

Correct tyre pressure will result in responsive braking, safer acceleration, sharper steering and longer tyre life.  It also reduces CO2 emissions and increases fuel economy.

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