Check Tyres to Help Avoid Bank Holiday Motoring Misery

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By Katherine Clarkson

The hottest weather of the year so far is predicted for the bank holiday weekend  – but motorists should check their tyres before planning day trips and long journeys.

Making sure car tyres are properly inflated and that they have plenty of tread will help drivers avoid blowouts or even accidents on the crowded roads this weekend.

Drivers can expect a 50% increase in their journey times today, says AA Roadwatch, as commuters, holidaymakers and large numbers of caravans hit the road to start the long weekend.

But motorists are urged to give their tyres – including the spare – a few basic check-ups to avoid trouble down the road.

First, give the tyres a visual once-over, check for signs of wear-and-tear, cracks and bulges – any of these could lead to a puncture or a blow out at speed.

Make sure the tyre tread is well within the legal limit of 1.6mm, anything less is potentially lethal – the more tread, the better the grip, the safer the car.

And finally, make ensure tyres are properly inflated. If the air pressure is not at the manufacturers recommended level (detailed in the handbook or on the drivers side door jam), the driver has less control over the car.

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