Check tyres to ease burden of rising fuel costs

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With fuel prices set to reach a record high, the Daily Telegraph carried a feature advising motorists how to get more out of a tank of petrol.

Making sure tyres are properly inflated, not carrying loads of stuff around in the boot and accelerating smoothly are all ways you make a tank of fuel last longer.

The average petrol price across the country is 115.9p for a litre of unleaded and 116.6p for a litre of diesel, according to However, the Treasury is due to add a further 3p on April 1.

Steve Sweeney from said: “High petrol prices can have a significant impact on the overall cost of motoring, but there are ways people can cut other costs to lessen the blow.

Worn or flat tyres use up more fuel so make regular pressure checks when you stop at petrol stations, and keep your tyres in good condition.

While Will Thomas of recommends you empty your boot of any non-essential baggage as the heavier your car, the more fuel it requires to move it.

He adds: “Roof racks make your car less aerodynamic, which, simply put, means it takes more fuel to move your car. Therefore, remove roof racks when not in use.”

Accelerating gradually from a standstill rather than revving the engine, and leaving sufficient space between your car and the car in front to break gently when coming to a stop will save petrol.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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