Check Tyres, Service History, Bodywork and Other Tips on Buying a Second Hand Car

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Buying a second hand cars is something most drivers are familiar with, but do we use our common sense to make sure we get the best deal on wheels – like checking the tyres? has released a guide to getting a good deal and avoiding hefty bills down the road.

Checking the tread on the tyres to make sure they are at a reasonable and legal depth could save buyers hundreds of pounds if they need replacing within weeks of the purchase.

Also when buying second hand cars privately it can also pay to look carefully to ensure there is no evidence of rust in the body work.

And ask why the seller is getting rid of the car and whether it has mainly been driven on country roads or the motorway – constant rural motoring may lead to more wear and tear.

Documentation is important too, if you’re buying from a private owner ask to see a full service history. You may also want to pay particular attention to the MOT certificate, and the logbook, or registration certificate.

Pay particular attention to anything which looks unusual or out of place. A service history which is non-existent or patchy may indicate the car has undergone considerable work and may be an added risk.

The same points apply when you are buying from a showroom or dealer. The cars may be a more expensive, but you may get some form of warranty meaning repair bills are covered for a certain amount of time or miles, which can bring a little more peace of mind.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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