Check tyres to avoid for summer breakdown blues

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By Denna Bowman

Motorists planning on driving to reach seaside resorts, cross over to continental Europe or simply head out on a day trip are advised to take steps to avoid summer breakdown blues.

Simply making sure tyres are properly inflated and have plenty of tread can help drivers avoid costly blow-outs or having to put the spare on at the side of the road.

Another tip to help avoid unwelcome breakdowns is to make sure coolant levels are topped up and check hoses to make sure they are not leaking, this will reduce the chances of overheating.

Other advice includes keeping the owners manual handy in the glove compartment and checking the basics such as lights, wipers, screen wash, battery, oil and water.

Re-fuel but do not fill the tank to the brim as fuel can expand in hot conditions.

Finally, it is a good idea to take a spare set of car keys on long journeys.

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