Check tyre pressures to save money, urges Daily Mail

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When the Daily Mail compiled its list of ‘The 40 money-saving tricks everyone needs to know’ we were not surprised to see that making sure your tyres are properly inflated was on the top tips list.

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The Money Mail article was crammed with some really useful advice, such as how to cut your TV viewing bill and get more holiday money for your pounds. But it was points 19, 20 and 21 that grabbed our attention:

19. Care for the car
Keeping your oil regularly topped up and making sure your tyres are at the right pressure can save you around £400 a year, according to the AA. This is because your car will run that bit more efficiently and you’ll use less petrol. And remember, take off that roof rack when you’re not using it.

20. Drive better
Just becoming a better driver can save you fuel. Tear around, accelerating hard and braking late, and you’ll use far more petrol than someone who smoothly goes through the gears and approaches junctions slowly. And driving at 80 mph instead of 70 mph on a motorway also typically uses 25 per cent more petrol.

21. Find cheap petrol
Websites such as and will track down the petrol stations near you that have the cheapest fuel. Over a period of time, it will make a real difference. Remember, though, that petrol is expensive, so there is no point driving more than five miles out of your way to get a penny off a litre – you’ll just burn more than you save.

We recommend our customers check their tyre pressures at least once a month and always when the tyres are cold or have only travelled a mile or two.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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