Carol Vorderman gives advice on tyres and other tips to avoid aqua-planing

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Carol Vorderman did a sterling job on BBC1’s the One Show last Thursday, presenting a short film about aqua-planing and how to drive on rain soaked roads this spring.

Making sure your tyres have the right pressure, a good tread pattern and the right tread depth are all key factors if you want to stay safe on slippery roads, according to Carol.

She also explained exactly how aqua-planing occurs – even down to the speed you have to hit before your tyres stop clearing the water from their path and your vehicle literally lifts off from the road.

Apparently the formula was published by NASA in 1963 and it still appears to hold today.

If you missed the show, you can still catch it by going to
and forwarding to 22.35 – it’s definitely worth a look, as it could help prevent you getting involved in a nasty aqua-planing accident.

Harriet Bowman, Head Office

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