Caring for caravan and motorhome tyres

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Caravan and motorhome tyres normally need replacing before their treads have gone, but do you know how you can tell when they need updating?

Most experts recommend that caravan and motorhome tyres should be replaced before they reach five-years-old, this is because even though they might not look worn, like all tyres they will have deteriorated with age.

It is very simple to find out how old your caravan tyres are. The date of manufacture is shown on the sidewall of all caravan tyres, close to the wheel rim. It forms part of the DOT (US Department of Transport) code which is the tyres identification number

Since the year 2000 tyre manufacturers have used a code consisting of four digits, the first two digits indicate the calendar week of production and the second two the year of production e.g. 3004; this tyre was manufactured in week 30 of 2004.

Tyres manufactured in the 1990’s have a small triangle after the DOT code, if your tyre has a three digit DOT code or a triangle then it must be replaced immediately!

An example code is DOT A87C DEF 0102, the final set of four numbers are the date code. This four digit code shows the calendar week and the year of manufacture e.g. 0102 is week one of 2002.

There are a small number of tyres that may not have a DOT code, in these cases the date of manufacture will still be shown elsewhere on the tyre, for instance if you see a separate group of letters and numbers such as 4202 this is the 42nd week of 2002.

Even if your caravan or motorhome tyres are less than five-years-old do not assume they are in safe and legal to use. Caravan or motorhome tyres that are on a stationary vehicle are always likely to deteriorate more quickly than those in regular use, and those caravan or motorhome tyres that are exposed to coastal air or bright sunlight are also prone to faster ageing.

A good tip to help preserve your caravan and motorhome tyres is to ensure they are always properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s load-inflation table and keep them covered to block the sun when parked.

For more tips and advice about how to look after your caravan and motorhome tyres we would urge vehicle owners to take a look at the information we have compiled at and

And if you would like to place an order to are looking for expert and impartial advice about which caravan or motorhome tyres to buy, please call our National Sales Team on freephone 0800 028 9000.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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