Caravanners urged to steer clear of speed bumps to protect tyres

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Caravanners are being warned that speed bumps could be damaging their vehicles – particularly the tyres – according to new research.

The Caravan Club has passed on the fears of independent consumer motoring site, Honest John, which is sounding the alarm that speed bumps can cause havoc with tyres and suspension. warns that the research claims that although road humps are used for safety purposes, councils wrongly think they can introduce as many as they like.

The caravaners site quotes Honest John saing: “I believe another important safety consideration is consistently being ignored – that of road conditions which then have an impact on a vehicle’s safety.”

It adds that furthermore, the road surface and buildings may also be affected by the humps, as shockwaves are sent through the ground when vehicles drive over them.

This can lead to structural property damage, while also creating problems for tyres and suspension on cars, the website claimed.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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