Caravan and motorhome owners encouraged to fit Tyron safety bands to tyres

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By Denna Bowman

Caravan and motorhome owners are being urged to consider fitting Tyron safety bands to their tyres as part of their maintenance regime.

According to the Caravan Times, the growing problem posed by potholes on UK roads should prompt owners to ensure their tyres are in good condition to cope with the hazards. Tyron safety bands are regarded as a potentially live-saving device.

“A compound blowout can be the root cause of any number of serious accidents involving touring caravans, with the potential for a loss of towing control and vehicle collisions,” the Caravan Times reports.

“And alongside these risks are the similarly pressing financial issues created by such a problem, with the average cost of a caravan tyre blowout approximately £2,000.”

Well maintained tyres play a key role in assuring motorhome and caravan safety.

Good tyre maintenance should focus on preserving the safety and usability of the tyre to reduce the risk of failure or blowout.

Replacing compounds regularly can help, but in the event of a deflating situation Tyron safety bands can prove useful at increasing tourer stability and allowing the driver to pull the vehicle to the side of the road.

Designed to fill the well in all modern wheel hubs, Tyron safety bands also allow a new compound to be fitted easily, reducing the risk of a compound slipping.

Tyron safety bands are a British invention originally designed for, and used by, the military. This simple upgrade can be fitted to existing wheels and ensures limited run-flat capability and control in the event of a puncture or blow-out.

A simple, low-cost device, Tyron safety bands also help to prevent wheelbox and bodywork damage caused by a flailing tyre and some insurance companies offer significant reductions in premiums for vehicles fitted with the device.

etyres offer a convenient mobile service supplying and fitting Tyron safety bands at the customers home or the vehicles storage site.

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