Car battery advice to keep motorists on the move this winter

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By Denna Bowman

Winter is setting in and thousands of vehicle owners will be suffering the frustration of a flat car battery.

Batteries only last around five years to eight years, so getting it changed before it starts to fail can head off any potential problems.

Motorists should recognise the telltale signs that indicate a battery could be on its last legs, such as
dimmer lights when the engine turns over. Again, by replacing it immediately it will avoid the let-down of a completely flat battery.

A flat battery is one of the top reasons for calling out the RAC. Sometimes it can be because the lights were left off, but often the battery is old and needs replacing.

To prolong the life of a battery, motorists are advised to keep it dry and clean; check the acid level regularly and replenish with distilled water.

The battery is a vital component of all cars and while a good battery can last comfortably for a good five years with proper care and attention, it can fail in as little as three years, depending on the usage, maintenance and seasonal temperatures.

etyres operate a mobile battery fitting service, which can be a life-line for motorists who end up stranded on a driveway or parking spot.

The online tyre and battery retailer has a comprehensive range of batteries available to supply and fit, at low prices which include fitting, disposal of the old battery, a three year guarantee and VAT.

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