Camera Found in Gents at UK Tyres Plant

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Staff and unions were in a spin after a camera was found in the men’s toilet at the Cooper Tyre Europe plant in Melksham.

The camera was found by employees at the tyres firm after it had been placed there to catch suspected substance abusers.

The management of the tyres company offered “its sincere apologies to anyone who was affected”.

The embarrassing incident came to light in the Wiltshire Times, which reported that the camera “was installed by a maintenance contractor at the request of a Cooper Tyres manager”, who suspected employees of substance abuse.

Jon McGookin, the Unite Union rep, told the local newspaper that he had discussed the incident with company management, adding: “This was somebody’s misguided approach to a concern.

“It’s something we have asked that the company ensures does not happen again.”

A Cooper statement said that, “Following an extensive, independent investigation into the discovery of a camera in a toilet, it has been established that:-

1. Although there was suspicion of substance abuse on site, the decision to position a camera in a toilet was unacceptable

2. The company has a policy to deal with suspected substance abuse and this was not followed

3. The camera equipment was not made operational

4. Although the motives were genuine, as the company treats substance abuse seriously, this was a major error of judgement and therefore disciplinary action has been taken against those responsible

5. Procedures are being changed to ensure that such an incident cannot be repeated in future”
Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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