Buying Tyres Online

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A report from tyres market-research specialists, Encircle Marketing, confirms what we at Etyres have known for some time the cheapest place to buy tyres is online.

The company collated over 8,000 tyre prices in a search for the best value for money, and they found that e-retailers are significantly undercutting the entire market. Their research revealed that the average quote from on-line retailers for a fully fitted tyre was £61. The second best deal was offered by local independent retailers, who averaged £67. The report reveals that the places to avoid are the national Fast-Fit chains, who are some 16 percent above the national average.

On-line retailers are currently selling tyres at up to 17 percent below the national average, and there are signs that the gap between e-retailers and traditional suppliers is getting wider. Currently the gap between the on-line providers and their nearest rivals stands at £8 per tyre. However, prices on-line have actually dropped by £2 since April, while prices from traditional suppliers have risen by £4 in the same period.

For beleagured motorists, hit by rising fuel prices, it is good news to find that, at least in one sector, prices are going down. With just a little research motorists can not only get their tyres cheaper, but can also have them fitted on their own doorstep.

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