Button drives home the need to look after tyres

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By Alex Kapadia

Jenson Button has emphasised again the need for Formula One drivers to look after their tyres if they want to secure their places on the winners podium.

With just one week to go before the 2010 season gets underway in Bahrain, the McLaren driver and reigning world champion stressed that tyres strategy will play a vital role in deciding the outcome of races.

Asked what it will take to win in 2010, the British driver replied: “The first few laps will be very difficult.

“You are going to have to look after your tyres. It’s going to be easy to make a move but if you destroy your tyres on lap four, you’re going to be screwed for your first stint.

“Strategy is going to play a big part; but unlike the past you cannot plan things before the race.

“Your engineers will need to be on their toes, able to plan and react during a race. They’ll need a good understanding of the situation around you in a race, and now it’s more an enduro than a sprint, and one little slide early on can ruin your tyres.

“It will be important to finish every race. It’s going to be a great season, but a long one.”

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