Bulldog attacks police car and eats tyres

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By Denna Bowman

A ferocious bulldog attacked a US police patrol car and chewed through two of its front tyres and bumper.

The Chattanooga officer had been carrying out radar checks and pulled over to fill in his reports when he felt his car shaking.

Officer Clayton Holmes got out of the vehicle and found the dog chewing through the vehicles tyres.

The dog also attacked two cars belonging to private citizens driving by and a second police car that arrived at the scene during the incident.

Officers used pepper spray and a Taser to get the dog under control, but the animal was not deterred.

By the time McCamey Animal Center staffers captured that dog and two others, it had chewed two tyres and the entire front bumper off Holmes’ patrol car.

Officer Rebecca Royval said the dogs got out of a fence at a nearby welding shop. The owner of the dogs, Nancy Emerling, was cited by McKamey.

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