Budget vs premium tyres – Quentin Willson gives his verdict

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A question our etyres fitters are regularly asked is: “Are budget tyres as good as premiums tyres” and we always like to offer as much information as we can to help shed light on this important issue.

Of course, like with so many things, the answer is not always black and white. In some cases, an economy tyre is a very good, sound option, while in others it would be much more prudent and safer to always fit a premium tyre with a top tyre label rating.

Budget, performance, safety, amount of use, type of driving (regular motorway or occasional short jouneys), these are among the factors which come into play when considering whether budget tyres are a good alternative to more expensive tyres.

This is why we were interested to read motoring expert Quentin Willson’s take on the subject, when he was posed this question in a round-about way by one of the readers of his Sunday Mirror column. Phil emailed in to ask: “I’ve been told decent quality budget tyres are as good as some branded ones. I have Continentals at the moment, which have done around 20k miles. What do you think?”

To which Quentin replied straight down the line: “Stick to the Continentals. You’ve had 20,000 trouble-free miles out of them so you know how long they’re going to last. Some budget tyres don’t last as long or stop as well. Don’t cut corners with tyres.”

While our etyres customers can order online quickly and easily if they know what tyres they would like, many others really appreciate the fact that we have an expert and impartial team of tyre experts available in our call centre, who are here to help you chose which tyres are right for your vehicle, driving style and budget.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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