Bridgestone uses sport to drive home tyre safety message

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Bridgestone tyres is using sport to drive home its new advertising campaign which focuses firmly on safety.

Under the claim, “There is only one part of your car’s safety systems that actually touches the road”, the new commercials will be part of a massive multi-media campaign aimed at reinforcing Bridgestone’s brand values and, in particular, its dedication to driver and passenger safety.

Its key message “There is only one part of your car’s safety systems that actually touches the road” takes centre stage in the ads which will be promoted throughout the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland via TV, press, online and outdoor coverage.
Building on Bridgestone tyres strong links to the world of sports, new TV advertisements will be progressively launched, linking sports and tyre performance.

The new commercials will focus on the importance of tyres as the “only safety system [in your car] which touches the road”, and the solutions it offers to minimise risks, including its flagship Blizzak LM001 winter tyres and the Turanza T001 touring tyres. The first will focus on winter safety and grip by creating a parallel between winter driving and downhill skiing, whereas the second will draw a parallel between wet grip performance and swimming.

Unconventional camera angles, high-tech modelling techniques and a dynamic combination of both slow-motion and high-speed footage combine to create a striking and visually appealing TV advert that clearly reinforces the campaign’s core safety message: driving with tyres that are in good condition and adapted to the road and weather conditions should be a top priority.

Jake Rønsholt, managing director of the consumer business unit at Bridgestone Europe, explained: “We aimed to demonstrate the benefits of Bridgestone tyres in an emotional way, linked to our sponsorships and delivering on the Bridgestone corporate signature ‘Your Journey, Our Passion’.

“Carrying out a Customer Segmentation study last year in the main European markets, it became overwhelmingly clear that the number one concern for customers is safety under all conditions, with 43% of surveyed customers citing this as the main criteria for their tyre purchases. With this in mind, we came up with a new visual campaign that helps put safety performance into perspective in a language that is universal – through sports.”

According to the tyre manufacturer: “Bridgestone is dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of safety in all road and weather conditions, in all regions of the world and at all times of the year. Which is why Bridgestone’s winter/wet performance tyre ranges stand on equal footing with its other premium products and forms an integral part of the brand’s overall strategy. Integrating state-of-the-art tread designs and materials engineering technology, Bridgestone’s latest generation of tyres set new standards for grip, manoeuvrability and reliability, even in extreme conditions.”

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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