Bridgestone tyres warns motorists about pothole perils

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By Oliver Hall

The harsh winter weather has played havoc with UK car tyres, according to a leading tyre manufacturer.

For months motorists have been trying to avoid the craters which have sprung up across the country’s roads, but Bridgestone tyres has revealed the full extent of the problem.

The tyre manufacturer has seen a ten-fold increase in the number of tyres damaged due to potholes from September 2009 to March this year, compared with the same period twelve months ago.

Andy Dingley, senior analyst at Bridgestone, says: “Whilst potholes cannot always be avoided, we urge drivers to be aware of them – if you have to drive over them, do it with caution and do it slowly.”

With the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) estimating that the average pothole costs £70 to repair and road damage found every 120 yards, this will take 15 years to repair and cost local authorities £10-billion to fix Britain’s pothole problem.

This could have severe implications on the nations tyres and lead to motorists forking out on replacement tyres if the problem isn’t dealt with soon.

However, Bridgestone insist the risk of tyre damage from a pothole can be reduced if they are looked after and well maintained.

Dingley said: “One way to minimise damage from potholes is to ensure they are correctly inflated to begin with. Under or over inflation of your tyres can cause even greater structural damage to the tyre if the car comes into contact with a pothole.”

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