Bridgestone set for changes to new F1 season tyres

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By Alex Kapadia

Bridgestone tyres are revving up for the first race of their final season as the official tyre supplier to the FIA Formula One World Championship.

They are bringing their super soft and medium 2010 spec dry slick tyres to the first Grand Prix of the season in Bahrain this weekend.

The tyres have gone through a few changes for the new season, starting with a narrower front tyre, to give a more even grip balance front to rear.

Modifications have also been made to the tyre construction and compounds, due to the heavier cars and different strategy options brought about by the ban on refuelling.

Two compounds of dry tyre will be available for every grand prix, with the requirement that both are used in the race.

Although Bridgestone’s range of dry tyres for the season retain the same names of hard, medium, soft and super soft, the compounds are changed from those used in 2009.

In a change to the regulations, the number of tyres available per driver for each grand prix is reduced from 7 of each compound to 6 of the ‘prime’ compound and 5 of the ‘option’.

The wet tyre range remains as before, with the wet and intermediate tyre available at every race, with 3 sets of the wet and 4 of the intermediate available for each driver.

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