Bridgestone Demonstrate the Importance of Tyres Safety

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Bridgestone have demonstrated the effect tyres can have on a vehicle in the wake of a fatal car crash in the US.

Two people died last month after a road accident began with a blown tyre and ended in tragedy.

The tyres manufacturer fitted eight identical BMW’s with several models of tyres with varying performance levels.

Bridgestone representative Mark Johnson stressed how tyres can make all the difference when it comes to road safety.

Mr Johnson said:  “Having a tyre that gives you very good cornering capability, very good responsiveness is certainly going to translate into safety if you have to make a sudden move to avoid something in the road.”

Motorists must check the condition and pressure of their tyre regularly to ensure they are stay safe and legal.  The manufacturer’s recommendations can be found in the vehicle handbook or on the inside of the door.

The latest fatal accident relating to tyres claimed the lives of an elderly couple in North Carolina, after a car suffered a blow-out, crossed the centre line and hit a truck, which ultimately struck the victims’ car head-on.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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