Bridgestone announces tyres for trio of Grand Prix’s

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Bridgestone has announced the compound allocations of tyres for the Canadian, British and European Grand Prix’s.

The Japanese company confirmed it will also retain the concept of leaving a compound step between the two tyres for the trio of races.

Bridgestone will take the super soft and medium tyres to Montreal and Valencia, while the soft and hard will used at Silverstone.

Hirohide Hamashima, head of motorsport tyre development for Bridgestone, said: “The Canadian and European Grands Prix take place on street courses where it is important to have good grip due to the slippery nature of the track surfaces.

“As these tracks are not used regularly for racing, even the allocations we bring will seem too hard when used on the Friday.

“By race day the circuit improvement and rubber laid will mean that the high grip of the super soft compound paired with the greater durability of the medium compound should provide a good combination.”

Alex Kapadia, Operations Team

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