BBC1 highlights dangers of part worn tyres

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If you thinking of fitting part worn tyres to your car, spare a couple of minutes to watch the shocking report compiled by the BBC1 Watchdog Test House team – you will almost certainly change your mind!

It highlights the perils and risks associated with illegally sold part worn tyres, including the tragic coach crash which claimed three lives in 2012 caused by the blowout of a 19-year-old second hand tyre that had been fitted to the vehicle.

The report by Sophie Raworth also focuses on inspections carried out by Trading Standards Officers at four garages selling part worn tyres. Tyres examined were described as a “potential killer” and “potentially catastrophic”, and of around 140 tyres inspected, 35 percent were deemed “structurally defective”.

Finally, the Watchdog Test House report showed a driving demonstration in conjunction with TyreSafe which revealed the life-threatening results of driving on illegal part worn tyres.

With UK motorists driving around 7,000 miles a year, Sophie Raworth emphasises how what might seem like a good deal when you buy part worn tyres, can turn out to be a bad risk.

Motorists who are looking for cheap tyres can consider a much safer alternative to part worn tyres, that is economy range tyres. etyres supply and fit a wide range of economy and mid-range tyres, many of which are only slightly more expensive than second hand tyres. However, brand new economy tyres are much safer because they have the full tread depth and have not been subjected to any repair work.

The Watchdog Test House programme is still available to view on BBC iPlayer until 20th March.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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