Bangladesh to Double Rubber Production by 2020

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Good news for the beleaguered tyre industry, executives in the Bangladeshi rubber industry have announced that they intend to double rubber production over the next 12 years. Currently the country has a production capacity of 30,000 tonnes, but they will double that in an attempt to meet demand on the export market.

Local news reports quote Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman’s announcement that Bangladesh is starting to export rubber to Turkey, and it is hoped that they will get certification from Bridgestone. According to Dr Rahman, “Bridgestone’s certification may take the Bangladeshi rubber industry to a new height”.

This is good news for the world’s tyre industry. The laws of supply and demand have forced prices up over the last year, but this situation will be eased as this new source comes on line. In addition, Bangladesh’s rubber is relatively cheap at about half the price of rubber from other sources.

The vice-president of the Bangladesh Rubber Garden Owners’ Association, Motahar Chowdhury, has been critical of his government’s failure to support the emerging rubber industry, and their lack of interest in what could be a lucrative export market. He stated, “Government has neither set up any administrative wing to help the sector, nor formulated any policy for the industry”.

Bangladeshi rubber will be a welcome addition to the global market.

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