Autocar pits a set of winter tyres against a 4×4 vehicle

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Have you ever wondered what would be the best option for driving in the snow and ice on UK roads – a set of winter tyres or a 4×4 vehicle?

Well, Autocar set out in search of the answer by comparing the performance of two near identical SKODA Yetis on a variety of snow and ice-covered roads.

The only difference being one Yeti was a front wheel drive model with winter tyres and the other a four-wheel drive version on everyday all-weather tyres.

For the braking test, both cars were driven at a speed of 22mph ­– a typical speed on snow covered roads even in a built up area –­ and the car fitted with winter tyres stopped on average just over 4.5 metres earlier than the four-wheel-drive car, which did not have the benefit of winter tyres, a distance more than sufficient to be the difference between a minor and significant accident.

Both cars were also driven around a constant radius circle, with the lateral g-force developed by each car measured. While neither car had much grip, the one equipped with winter tyres developed 35 per cent more grip than the four-wheel-drive car.

They were driven from a standstill to 40mph on the snow-covered road. Initially, the winter tyres shod car fared best, but from 5mph upwards the four-wheel-drive-car showed its advantage, hitting 40mph 4.4sec faster.

So what did Autocar conclude from its winter tyres vs 4×4 vehicle test?

Jim Holder, Autocar editor, announced: “Of course the ideal scenario is to fit your 4×4 with winter tyres and enjoy the best of all worlds, but faced with a simple choice between the two, our tests indicate strongly that for most people most of the time, they’d be better off both literally and figuratively keeping their current two-wheel drive car and investing in a set of winter boots.”

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To see the test for yourself go to×4

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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