Auto Trader puts Michelin tyres through their paces

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Auto Trader have just published a really thorough report about a tyres test with Michelin which is well worth reading.

It points out that tyres are the most important component of any car – but these contact patches between the road and your wheels are so often overlooked.

Andy Goodwin, senior web journalist at Auto Trader, went tyre testing with Michelin to see the importance of fitting the best tyres you can afford.

According to Andy: “First we drove a series of BMW M3 Coupe sports cars onto a soaked skidpan at 60mph and braked as hard as we could. Each car was fitted with a different set of tyres, including two types of Michelin rubber and its competitors.

“Although this was a Michelin tyre launch for its latest performance tyre, the Pilot Super Sport, but we were open minded when comparing its tyres to those of other manufacturers.

“All of the tyres performed well, stopping the car in less than 27 metres in a controlled and confidence-inspiring manner. If this test had included tyres from the cheapest brands, we’re positive the car would have taken well over 30 metres to come to a halt, and have been harder to keep under control.

“While 3 or 4 metres might not sound like much, it’s more than the width of a Zebra Crossing or the length of a family car.”

The report goes into much more detail of the results of the testing and Andy concluded: “We’ll be looking to undertake more tyre testing in the future, to ensure your car is on the best tyres possible.

“During just one day we learnt there’s more time invested in the design, chemistry and physics of big brand tyres than you’d ever imagine. The resulting difference in grip and braking can seem small on paper, but can be the difference between life and death in the most extreme situations.”

To read the full report go to

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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