Auto Express test tyre pressure gauges

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Never under-estimate the value of having a good tyre pressure gauge which allows you to regularly check your tyres – it can save money and lives.

Having your own tyre pressure gauge means you can make sure your tyres are properly inflated without having to use one of the machines at a fuel station. Another key advantage is that you will always be able to check your tyres when they are cold, which is the optimum time to carry out the test.

Michelin tyres claim that running your tyres 5psi under a suggested pressure can increase fuel consumption by two per cent. And low pressures won’t just bump up your fuel bills, under-inflated tyres wear faster and don’t stop or turn as they should.

However, by taking a couple of minutes to check your tyres with a gauge and pump you can can cut the cost of driving. And with many gauges costing under £10 you will make your money back in no time.

Auto Express decided to put 12 tyre gauges under pressure to find which ones are most effective. It focused on accuracy and tested each gauge on a calibrated test unit at 25, 30 and 35psi – typical car tyre pressures. They were also checked at 30psi after they’d been dropped from a metre. Plus, the test looked for ease of use, large clear displays, key psi and bar scales as well as extras like backlighting, work lights and tread depth gauges.

Finally, Auto Express took into account the price of each gauge tested – excluding any delivery charges – from several online and retail sources.

The overall accuracy of the 12 tyre pressure gauges tested was impressive with all but one being within the British Standard tolerance plus or minus 1psi.

But after weighing up other factors, such as extras like a tread depth gauge so you can make sure your tyres are not bald, it was the Halfords Tyre Presure Gauge which won the top spot, with the more expensive PCL Digital Tyre Gauge close behind.

If you are considering buying a tyre pressure gauge to ensure your tyres are always properly inflated, we recommend you read the full report at before deciding which one is right for you.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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