Auto Express reveals the results of its 2012 winter tyres test

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If you are thinking about fitting winter tyres to your car this year, the latest issue of Auto Express is essential reading.

The magazine tested eight brands of winter tyres and while the Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850 came out on top, it concluded that the results show you should not wait until it snows to fit them.

According to the report, although we did not have much snow last year, the improved performance they offer in typical British winter temperatures makes them hard to ignore.

Auto Express stated: “Met Office figures for last winter show that minimum temperatures for much of the UK from November to March were well below the seven degrees Celsius where winter tyres are the safest option.

“And manufacturers have never been in a better position to meet demand, with new tyres and stocks arriving in the UK, plus tyre hotels to store your unused tyres. So which is the one for you this winter?”

All eight winter tyres in the big-selling 205/55R16 size were tested alongside a summer tyre to show the extent of the improved performance.

The tests were carried out in sub-zero temperatures at Continental’s frozen lake and snow handling Skanska track in Arvidsjaur, Sweden, before moving on to the Contidrom near Hanover, Germany, for the wet and dry road assessments.

To find out more about the tests and results go to

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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