Ambulance Trust continues its investment in winter tyres

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By Denna Bowman

East Midlands Ambulance Services NHS Trust (EMAS) has announced its commitment to using Michelin cold weather tyres for its rapid response vehicles, after enjoying the benefits for two years, according to Fleet News

EMAS first tested Michelin’s cold weather tyres at a track day at MIRA in Warwickshire in 2011, and according to fleet general manager Steve Farnsworth, the tyres have since become an integral part of the Trust’s winter operation.

The Trust, which operates a 24-hour emergency service for 4.8 million people across the East Midlands, switched a total of 306 ambulances and fast response cars on to Michelin Agilis Alpin and Alpin A4 tyres, which are specially designed to perform best in temperatures below seven degrees Celsius.

Farnsworth said: “When we tested Michelin’s cold weather tyres we found that they could reduce an ambulance’s braking distance by more than half on a slippery surface similar to ice and snow compared to standard tyres, which is a tremendous difference.

“They also provide responsive steering and good traction in all conditions, whether there’s slush, snow or ice on the roads.

“For an ambulance service every second counts, so the improved grip and handling that Michelin’s tyres deliver could potentially help us save someone’s life.

“This has been the second year we have fitted cold weather tyres and after seeing the benefits first-hand it is safe to say that our choice of tyre will continue to be a vital part of our vehicles’ seasonal preparation in the future.”

Dave Crinson, Michelin’s head of fleet, added: “Tyres are such an important part of a vehicle, especially in winter when the conditions can be challenging. Cold weather tyres can help fleets to avoid potentially dangerous situations and enable them to reach their destinations safely and on time.”

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