A weekend of snow and rain should prompt motorists to consider their tyres

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A weekend of torrential rain and the first significant snowfalls of the winter should have acted as a wake-up call to all motorists when it comes to tyres safety.

While snow blanketed parts of Somerset, North Dorset, Wiltshire, and South Gloucestershire, with reports of at least 3cm falling in some regions, other parts of England and Wales were affected by flash flooding following a period of torrential rain on Sunday.

For some drivers winter tyres will be the answer, because they provide better grip on snow and ice, and are more effective than regular tyres when the temperature drops below seven degrees celsius.

But at the very least, all motorists must ensure their tyres are safe and legal, with the correct tread depth and inflation. Also signs of damage, including cracks or bulges, should raise alarm bells, because it could lead to a blow out in treacherous conditions.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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