A third of UK motorists have suffered damaged to their cars and tyres caused by potholes, reports AA

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If you have suffered a bone-rattling drive over potholed roads recently, the latest report from the AA on the damage these road ruts cause to cars – especially tyres – probably won’t come as a big surprise.

According to the leading breakdown service, one in three drivers in the North-East and Yorkshire have reported damaging vehicle by hitting a pothole in the last two years.

A new AA/Populus survey of 22,827 AA members revealed that damaged road surfaces took the greatest toll on drivers in the north of the UK with Scots (44 per cent) taking the biggest pothole hit.

More than a third of drivers in northern England, Yorkshire and Humberside and the South-East have had their car damaged, while those in Eastern England and Northern Ireland (29 per cent) suffered least.

The survey results show that tyres and wheels bear the brunt of the impact with 13 per cent of respondents reporting a damaged tyre and six per cent suffering damage to both tyre and wheel while one in ten had their steering knocked out of alignment as well as wheel damage.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “The fact that one third of our members have had their car damaged by potholes is a damning indictment of the state of our roads – they’re a national embarrassment.”

The AA is encouraging road users to report pothole to local authorities to allow them to repair them. Drivers who made a claim against highway authorities for the damage received an average £583 pay out last year.

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