Apollo tyres announces green initiatives

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By Denna Bowman

Apollo tyres is launched a far-reaching environment initiative aimed at boosting its conservation and recycling efforts.

Onkar S Kanwar, chairman of the Indian tyres manufacturer, said at the launch of Habitat Apollo: “Our actions, no matter how small, have an effect on the planet. We have to be conscious of the negative impact our actions can cause and try to mitigate them responsibly.”

The objective Habitat Apollo is to actively work to conserve and recycle non-renewable resources in the most effective way.

While Apollo Tyres has been proactively working on conservation initiatives, including use of alternative energy sources like wind and solar power, water harvesting and recycling, Habitat Apollo is urging employees to bring about a change in individual eco-consumption and behaviour patterns -thereby ensuring that ‘green’ becomes a matter of habit at Apollo Tyres.

The first formal drive under the environment initiative is on paper recycling. Employees are encouraged to use both sides of a piece of paper, print only when necessary, and dispose in a special bin.

The paper collected from these bins is then taken for recycling and the recycling company gives Apollo Tyres office stationary in return.

The next initiative is to reduce the consumption of non-biodegradable materials the company uses.

To begin with, Apollo has decided to completely do away with the conventional polywrapping of tyres from the end of May 2010. Instead, tyres from Apollo will now sport labels.

These environment initiatives will complement the larger work that is taking place at the plant level, including the recycling of solid and water waste and replacing certain raw materials with environment friendly components.

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