Check tyres to get miles more wear

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Nobody likes spending money on boring essentials like tyres, but we should all remember how vital they are to ensuring our safety – not to mention our passengers.

And just by carrying out a few basic maintenance steps we can make sure we literally get miles more wear out of our tyres.

Continental tyres engineer Craig Sterry said: “We know from recent surveys that a staggering 93% of vehicles checked had mis-aligned wheels and this wears out tyres faster than they should and it is not uncommon to find tyres running at just 3lb below recommended pressure and that can have a significant impact on wear rates as well.”

Continental recommend a weekly check of tyres for objects embedded in the tread, sidewall damage, wear patterns and correct inflation in accordance with the car maker’s guidance.

“A few minutes spent checking the tyres can save a lot of money if a minor problem is quickly corrected and it could save you from a nasty accident or worse,” said Craig.

Oliver Hall, Operations Team

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