Check tyres to avoid risk of accidents, warns insurance website

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By Oliver Hall

Motorists have been warned about the importance of regularly checking their car tyres after the spate of recent bad weather, by a leading insurance website. have issued reminders to drivers about how good tyres can lead to better car handling and a smoother driving which will result in fewer insurance claims.

They have suggested vehicle owners should check to make sure their tyres have plenty of tread to ensure they are within legal limits.

The better the tread depth, the greater grip and control drivers will have on the road. The tread provides control in slippery conditions, while dispersing high volumes of water in wet weather. The legal tread depth for tyres in the UK is currently 1.6mm. also urges motorists to check their tyre pressure. The correct pressure can improve fuel efficiency as well as optimum safety. For high performance it is preferable to check the pressure on a weekly basis.

Over-inflated tyres are particularly dangerous because they decrease the surface area of the tyre on the road and subsequently the grip on the tarmac.

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