Our mobile tyre fitting service is a gift at this time of year!

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Our mobile tyre fitting service doesn’t come gift wrapped with a big red bow – but it is a gift at this time of year when you want to save money, but stay safe on the roads over the Christmas holidays.

etyres mobile tyre fitting service is a gift at this time of year

That is why we are using motorists to carry out three important checks on your tyres during the run up to the weekend and if you need new tyres or a puncture repair, contact us immediately so we can fit you in before the festivities begin!

First of all, inspect your tyre tread depths to make sure you have at least the minimum legal limit of 1.6mm across the central three quarters and around the entire circumference. We always hark on about this, but at the time of year when driving conditions can be much more hazardous due to severe weather conditions, motoring and safety groups recommend you replace your tyres when they wear below 3mm.

While you are checking the tread depths, look out for signs of damage, such as cuts, crack, bulges, objects embedded in the rubber. It is possible we can carry out our mobile puncture repair service, which only costs £25 and saves you expense of buying a new tyre, but even if we can’t we will always bring along a new replacement to get you back on the road again during the same visit.

Finally, make sure your tyres are properly inflated, especially if you are heading off on a long journey or your vehicle is going to be heavily loaded with extra passengers, presents and luggage.
So when you are filling up with fuel ahead of the Christmas break, check your air too and top up if necessary.

We appreciate that nobody wants to spend money on boring essentials like tyres, especially at this time of year when you would rather be splashing out on gifts, socialising and treats. But new tyres are not a luxury you can afford to go without – you need them to keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe all year round!

etyres supply and fit a wide range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets, including economy, mid-range and all the premium brands. Our Discount Promise means you can save £10 if you buy two or three new tyres or a generous £25 if you order four new tyres and our mobile fitting service means we come to your home or work to save you the time and hassle of having to go to a garage or tyre depot.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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