etyres Portsmouth onside again for Wales football boss

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etyres Portsmouth have been called up again by the Wales football team coach, Chris Coleman!

It was the second puncture in eight months that poor Chris has suffered. Back in March we were unable to carry out our mobile puncture repair service, because the tyre was beyond help and had to be substituted for a new one.

Last week however, he was in luck. A screw had pierced the middle of the tread on the tyre of his Vauxhall Insignia and so we were able to remove it and repair the damage – at a cost of just £25, including VAT!

What a result!

Chris signed an etyres leaflet for us and his lovely wife, SkySports news presenter Charlotte Jackson, even popped out with a coffee and a chocolate mini roll for our fitter Darren, so it was win-win all round.

Plus we were also able to get to Chris the following morning after he booked his puncture repair, and this is exactly the same kind of speedy response we offer all of our etyres customers, because we know you have busy lives to lead and rely on your car for work, school runs, daily errands, etc.

So if you suffer a puncture contact etyres immediately. In our experience, around 60 per cent of the punctures we examine can be safely and legally repaired in compliance with the British Standard BS AU 159.

However, we always bring along a brand new tyre in case the puncture cannot be repaired, that way we can get you back on the road in one short visit.

So whether you have got a national football team to manage, a busy work load to accommodate or a day of school runs and clubs to juggle, you can get on with your routine while etyres come to your home or work and take care of your tyres.

Finally, we are delighted to see Chris is up for the Fifa men’s coach-of-the-year award and everyone at etyres Portsmouth and our entire nationwide network wish him the best of luck with that.

And in the more immediate future we are all hoping for a Wales win against Serbia in their 2018 World Cup qualifier in Cardiff on Saturday.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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