Consider fitting winter or all season tyres ahead of forecasts that the weather is set to unleash heavy snow

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Chilling news is sweeping the nation as weather forecasters predict that the UK faces four months of crippling snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures this winter, with the first icy blast arriving in just six weeks.

Often accurately forecasting the weather to the end of the week proves an impossible challenge for the experts, so it is probably fair to assume there is not going to be surge in demand from motorists for snow chains and car winter emergency kits.

However, it is worth bearing this news in mind when considering investing in new tyres, especially for vehicle owners who live in areas that are usually worst affected by severe weather conditions. Fitting winter tyres in these circumstances will guarantee increased performance in terms of traction control and handling, while significantly reducing the risk of an accident when driving in hazardous conditions during the winter months.

It is a common misconception that winter tyres are only worth having when the roads are snow covered. However, the truth is they offer much better performance in conditions when temperatures drop below 7C, a regular occurrence in the UK, due to their unique compound.

While swapping to winter tyres makes sense from a safety point of view, investing in a second set of rubber can be a tough call financially. That is why all season tyres are gaining traction in the tyre market, with many of the major manufacturers, including Michelin, Pirelli and Nokian offering their own branded versions.

Billed as being able to perform almost as well as specialist summer and winter designs throughout the year, they are gaining popularity in the UK where weather conditions are erratic and unpredictable.

etyres is the UK’s number one mobile tyre fitting company and its independent tyre experts are able to offer free and impartial to help motorists decide which tyres are best suited to their vehicle, driving style and habits, plus their budget.

To talk through demands and expectations regarding winter, all season and every other tyre option available, call etyres on 0800 028 9000.

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