Conti SportContact 6 tops evo summer tyre test

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Tyre test wins are an important factor when it comes to influencing the tyre-buying public.

Conti SportContact 6 tops evo summer tyre test 2016

This is why Continental tyres is delighted that its new SportContact 6 has won the coveted evo summer tyre test for 2016 in its tyre test debut!

Evo, the monthly premium performance car magazine, pitted the tyre against eight competitor summer tyres in size 235/35 R19 and highlighted its strengths across a broad spectrum, taking top spot for dry and wet braking.

The awards highlight exceptional performance, quality, safety, desirability and value. They are seen within the motoring industry as a stamp of approval offering motorists confidence when looking for their next tyre purchase.

evo commented: “The SportContact 6 built this victory on a very strong showing in the dry tests – it was the third fastest around a lap and unmatched for braking – combined with a competitive performance in the wet tests. There is no better all-rounder in this category.”

Scott Benbow, product marketing manager for Continental tyres, added: “We are thrilled with the performance of SportContact 6 in its first UK tyre test and to be commended by evo yet again. The high-technology tyre builds on our rich heritage of tyre test wins and reiterates our leading position for safety.”

While this was an excellent outcome for Continental, it is also worth stressing that Evo’s evaluation of nine summer tyres did not include any truly poor performers.

According to a report in Tyres and Accessories: “The test was set up to favour the strongest all-rounders, with the caveat that consumers should bear their own preferences in mind when shopping for tyres.”

It continued: “The publication notes that excellent results in specific criteria didn’t necessarily ensure a good overall rating, and therefore it tells readers to consider the outcomes of individual tests before “aligning those with your own priorities.”

To find out more information about the right tyres to choose, pay careful attention to the tyre label which accompanies every tyre for sale on the etyres website and details its performance in three key areas: wet grip, fuel economy and noise emission.

The full breakdown of the evo summer tyre tests will appear in the October issue of the magazine.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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