Would you pay £400,000 for a brand new set of tyres?

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Choosing the right tyre to suit your vehicle, driving style and budget are the three key considerations our etyres customers focus on when it comes to placing their order – not whether they are bedecked with specially selected diamond stones and 24 karat gold!

The world's most expensive tyre is decorated with gold and diamonds

But if you have a spare £400,000 or so knocking around and you are partial to a bit of bling, you might like to know that there is a set of bespoke Z Tyres out there which have just been independently valued at $600,000 by Guinness World Records and duly recognised as the ‘World’s Most Expensive Set of Car Tyres’.

The Z1 Tyre was decorated by one of the world’s most exclusive jewellers to celebrate and mark the true worth of this range of brand new high performance tyres, specially designed for the European market.

This new tyres range declares its goal is to “set a new benchmark for drivers who are not only ‘money smart’ but also understand the value that technically capable tyres add to the driving experience.”

The manufacturer has placed huge emphasis on the fact that it has designed its new range of tyres to offer excellent EU tyre label grades: “offering the optimum balance between strong wet grip credentials, improved rolling resistance characteristics (helping to enhance fuel economy), and lower noise levels which provide a more comfortable ride.

“All Z tyres come with ‘B’ grade for wet grip and many dimensions have also reached the same ‘B’ label grade for rolling resistance.”

The EU tyre label plays an important role in helping motorists choose the right tyre for their needs. We have compiled an EU tyre label section which details how and why this information is important to consider before purchasing a new tyre.

Back to the headline and it appears someone indeed would and did pay this inflated sum for the new set of tyres. A private buyer coughed up the asking price and Z Tyre has confirmed that the profits from the sale will be donated to the Zenises Foundation.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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